How many Web 2.0 apps in the Internet ?

Posted by Sulaiman Alhasawi on Oct 18, 2009 in Web 2.0

Today I was searching the web to gather  statistics about Web 2.0 applications. Im interested to know  the number of  web 2.0 applications or services in the web . I started with google of course , one interesting link I came across is : Web 2.0 Summit . This website gathers keynotes and experts in technology and web 2.0. Unfortunately I couldn’t find what Im looking for that is the number of web 2.0 services. I then toke a look at Feedmyapp which is a very popular website that hosts a huge directory of web 2.0 tools ,a good database I have used  many times. Feedmyapp lists 7461 sites , but I think there are more than that . I knew that because I have seen many tools that are not listed in feedmyapp. Its interesting to know how many web 2.0 applications are out there  in the internet.  If you know the answer or any link that gives this information ,I would be grateful. This research is only the beginning and Im still working on it.



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