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Posted by Sulaiman Alhasawi on Jun 18, 2009 in Finance, Twitter |

Every Entrepreneur should take care of his business money. The sign of a healthy business or a startup is positive cash flow.

So to manage your money well you need to take a good look at your expenses . I saw many  softwares and web tools  free and commercial, but there is one which attracted my attention . A Twitter related tool Tweetwhatyouspend  can  help you manage your costs  . Its so simple and straightforward.

It actually does a good way on how to track your spendings by :

  1. Categorizing your expenses.
  2. Setting daily limits and alerts if you exceed them.
  3. Tracking your average daily spending.
  4. Showing you a graph about expenses.
  5. Enabling you to export your expenses statement to an Excel file.

So what does Twitter has to do with it ? You can update your expenses in your Twys’ journal through Twitter account by typing : ‘ d twys anything $cost ‘ . The letter ‘d’ in Twitter is a command which means direct message and ‘twys’ is Tweetwhatyouspend.

Good Luck and enjoy

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