My dogs 2

Posted by Sulaiman Alhasawi on May 29, 2015 in Dog

today i took Chico and Koki (my dogs) to the “Gatehouse” kennel to stay there for 3 days. Its the first time for them and myself to use this service “dog hotel”. Its not bad place and was recommended by my vet . Its run by a nice lady with the help of few guys. There were a lot of dogs but the place was big enough to fit them all. I chose to keep my dogs together in one room so they wont feel lonely and scared. They were a bit afraid when we arrived because of the barkings around them and the new location experience. My daughter Fouz was sad to leave them . The thing i noticed was that the kennels were outdoor in the open weather, however their bed was inside a hidden section and felt a bit warmer. The lady told me its healthier like that than inside warm houses. I tend to agree when i thought about it. We are going to Legoland in Windsor with the kids , its a mid-term holiday.  

koki and chico

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My dogs 1

Posted by Sulaiman Alhasawi on Apr 26, 2015 in Uncategorized

In North Wales i live in house surrounded by two dogs that belong to the neighbours. One of them is a retriever and the other is a Shih Tzu, both are females. They are both females but the age difference is big ; the Shih tzu is 8 months while the retriever is 13 years! Old i know. My wife fell in love with the Shih Tzu because they look cute :) not my type . She insisted to buy one so we did in eary Febraury 2015 . We got a 2 months female puppy shih tzu (Koki) from Manchester. I drove there and met the breeder with koki’s mom & sister.  Brought her home , cage and bed were ready . She was scared for a full week to leave her at night alone 

Amina & Koki

  downstairs and she kept whining , whole house was disturbed. I decided to open TV all night so she can hear some noise , not to feel lonely ;) the trick worked ! Had to wake up every day early morning to take her to our garden for toilet stuff. I also added a pad in her cage for accidents which kept happening for a full month :( had to clean the disasters after her , which made me think why the hell im doing that and she aint my dog . I guess its my character to take care of things.  For many years i have always found Bull terrier interesting. So i asked my self why not get one because im already in the dog business. 

To be continued …… 

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The Do’s and Don’ts of working in the UAE

Posted by Anshuman Kukreti on Jan 27, 2015 in Jobs

Despite the international job market uncertainty, the UAE has witnessed a relatively significant economic growth resulting to increased job opportunities across specialist occupations. The jobs and employment opportunities across the UAE are projected to be back on track this year as the economy picks up. Employers are looking forward to better growth prospects in terms of business with careful optimism as the UAE job market pumps up again.

Although the economy is growing at a gradual phase, it is steady and is expected to keep rising on this path in the coming years. As a result of which, the work force in UAE can expect a lot of jobs for freshers as well as professionals in modest numbers, salary hikes, subsequent annual bonuses and a halt to layoff announcements that seem to have gone down ever since the last recession.

Job vacancies in the UAE are in ample, especially for professionals belonging to the industries such as education, medicine, pharmaceuticals, civil engineering, and media. However, if you are looking for an entry-level job in UAE, then you must be aware of the stiff competition here, and be prepared for it. You ought to realize that the immense competition conveys that the job security, perhaps, is going to be less. Therefore, your search for the right job in UAE is going to be more difficult than ever.

Working in UAE provides you with an excellent opportunity to come closer to the conventional and multicultural society that it is. Job seekers from across the world can make the most of the numerous employment opportunities available here.

Why Should You Work in UAE?

One of the most comfortable working environments in the UAE is in Dubai. It is amongst the warmest and the friendliest places to work in. In fact, it is the finest example of marvelous civil engineering work done for the development of Dubai. This is purely because the authorities decided to move away from oil and bring about economic diversification in the region. Dubai’s economy has witnessed a huge growth especially in the past 30 years. This is expected to expand further in the nearing decades.

Here are some important reasons:

Tax Free Income – One of the biggest advantages of having a professional career in UAE is the prospects of higher salaries and tax-free income. You can expect massive tax advantages if you decide to live and work in the emirate. As you are aware, levying taxes against income from employment is against the law. This means your gross income is going right into your bank account.

Investment - Many prefer investing the extra income in real estate as foreigners have recently been permitted the right to purchase property in this land, which ultimately make them the resident here. This is, thus, a great investment option as property prices keep increasing year after year.

Lifestyle - Many are drawn to the job opportunities in the UAE simply because it gives you the advantage of experiencing a new lifestyle and a prospect to work on projects that are not available anywhere else.

Work Experience – The kind of work experience one gets abroad help employees develop important skills that may further give a boost to your career. With the ever-expanding presence of international companies, job opportunities in UAE are lucrative and abundant.


Moving further, we have put together an extensive list of Do’s & Don’ts you should keep in mind, which will help you get through the United Arab Emirates prepared and ready to kick off a new adventure.

To begin with, for work permit, the expat employee needs to be registered with the Ministry of Labor (MoU). Likewise, for residence visa, one needs to register with Department of Immigration under Ministry of Interior. These permits can be received by submitting attested professional and educational qualifications. Besides, medical examination is undertaken to ascertain whether the employee is suffering from any transmissible diseases.

The Do’s and Don’ts

  • Always remember that while working in UAE, you may come across people with different values and opinions; it is your duty to respect different cultures, customs, and traditions within the community.
  • Islamic religious values are held high in the UAE. Performing any act or offense against religious practices or beliefs is likely to result in a massive fine and/or imprisonment.
  • Alcohol consumption is permitted only in licensed restaurants, clubs, private parties, and at home. At home too, it is only permitted to residents holding an alcohol license. The UAE has a zero-tolerance policy for drinking and driving.
  • Smoking is forbidden in working areas, shopping malls, and government offices. However, you may do so in designated areas where smoking is allowed.
  • Drugs are strictly forbidden, even the slightest amount. For usage of any prescribed drugs, it is recommended to carry a doctor’s note.
  • Any kind of sexual harassment or addressing women randomly at a public place, or clicking pictures without their consent, is strictly prohibited.
  • You are not allowed to leave the country without clearing the dues.
  • You need to hold right documents including the work visa and resident. Having missing any of the documents can make you fall into trouble.
  • Emiratis dress conservatively. People in this country can be offended when people dress inappropriately. Keeping in mind the Islamic values, it is suggested that one dresses appropriately at public places.


Understanding these do’s and don’ts, and following them firmly will certainly help you to have safe and comfortable stay in UAE.

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I’m in Kuwait

Posted by Sulaiman Alhasawi on Dec 31, 2014 in Kuwaiti students North Wales, kuwaiti students uk

I don’t know why I have not blogged for a while ! But maybe because I was so busy . Right now I’m in Kuwait  for a month and I will get back to UK in two weeks.  Today is the last day in 2014 and its been a wonderful year. I have gone through many changes and phases. However , I’m still sure that I’m not sure about myself. Life is a mystery but beautiful . I’m trying to finish my PhD study in year 2015  if I’m lucky.

Happy New year

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Big Data in football

Posted by Sulaiman Alhasawi on Sep 28, 2014 in kuwaiti students uk, security

I have just been reading the book : ” The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know About Football is Wrong “. This book is about football mainly. I don’t want to give a summary about it but what  attracted my attention is the “Data software” . They mentioned technologies such as Opta , Prozon and Amisco among others. Those software focus on data analysis. Data analysis is big business in football industry. They brought Everton FC as a case example. They also explained how managers nowadays focus entirely on such technology.Of course not all managers accept this approach for decision making and most still rely on gut thinking. Its quite fascinating to see how big leagues such as the Premier League managers use sophisticated tools to improve their ranking. I’m not sure about the accuracy of this technology but every little helps. Bare in mind the security of data is vital too. It would be interesting to research the topic of big data security in football and to observe how this can affect teams. The question is do Arab leagues or Kuwaiti leagues use such technology ?

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Honda Motor Cycle

Posted by Sulaiman Alhasawi on Sep 1, 2014 in motorcycle

Two months ago I bought a Honda CG125 motorbike after I have completed my CBT training. I ride it almost every day, and I’m becoming better at it. I’m also preparing for the theory test which I will do before Christmas hopefully. After that I will prepare for another practical tests Module 1&2. Then if I pass i will remove the L-Plate and try to hit the motorway for longer journeys. The bike is slow but its fun. Next year when I finish my study and go to Kuwait, I’m thinking to buy a big bike up there and join my friends for cruising .I really enjoy this new hobby as it really relaxes me and brings me joy , I’m really hooked.


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Hacking A QR Code

Posted by Sulaiman Alhasawi on Jun 8, 2014 in security

Most companies and organizations nowadays create their own QR Codes for their customers. As the Black hats community become more creative, hackers can exploit Qr Codes for their own favor! How?

Normally scanning  Qr Codes is done using smartphones . Qr code takes you to perform certain actions such as directing your browser to a certain website to see a text, picture or a movie. But do you trust that ? I mean how can you make sure that the contents of that website is safe. Hackers can put their own Qr Codes and make you visit malicious links. Those links normally install malware in your device and later on you are hooked. They will be able to control your device. My advice for you is not to scan anything in public locations even from trusted companies .I have just read that even Google Glass is vulnerable to attacks.

Dangerous QR Code




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Everest Base Camp travel guide

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Everest Base Camp is the most excellent method intended for non-elite mountaineers to get next to the world’s highest mountain; in addition it is a huge imminent keen on Sherpa traditions as well as the high Himalaya

only a few of us will yet get to stand on peak of Mount Everest – trip to the top of the worlds’s highest peak (8,850m) get approximately 70 days, costs in surplus of £40,000 plus require a particular merge of fitness, ability and insanity.

though, the Everest base camp trek (5,340m) is a great deal of extra reachable goal for those mountaineering in the Nepalese Himalaya – in addition to approximately as satisfying.

The typical Everest Base Camp trek gets about 14 days from Lukla, the distant mountain airfield that gives a entry to the area. throughout these 14 days you will trek by the Kosi River to the flourishing center of Namche Bazar; you will hike from side to side the Sherpa heartland, transitory energetic monasteries; you will use  to spend days accustom manually to the thin air; you’ll climb the Khumbu Valley to arrive at Everest Base Camp itself; plus you’ll go back over your steps back down once more, markered by the buzzing of having seen Everest at tremendously close station.

It is a tiring hike. You will be on foot for approximately three to six hours in a day, at the far above the ground height. Hiring a porter as well as or else guide determination effortlessness the strain, plus is optional, not smallest amount to give very important service for locals. even though self-governing trekking is allowable on the Everest Base Camp route, paying a tour company to organize the information for you (flights, teahouses etc) will go away you freer to calm down and absorb the overbearing mountain visions.

The hike to Everest Base Camp is not a wilds journey. The track is scattered with teahouses, small villages and prayer-flag-flung monasteries, addition a charming person building block to this large outdoors. There will also be plenty of other trekkers – the Everest Base Camp trek is one of Nepal’s most popular.



South Stack LightHouse

Posted by Sulaiman Alhasawi on Apr 14, 2014 in North Wales Guide

Its Easter holiday now for the kids, so no school. I took them to South Stack LightHouse in Anglesey. The journey was fun and its cool to discover new history about Wales. We went inside the lighthouse and went up.They did not allow my daughter Amina inside because she was shorter than 1 meter :) She had fun  in the kids playing room. There  was a museum showing historic information and equipments. I noticed that lighthouses in UK are controlled and automated by computers. This can raise a warning flag about cyber threats! We enjoyed it very much , oxygen level was high and getting to the Lighthouse  was like a fitness exercise because we had to walk a 400 meter stair . My wife’s friend’s kids came with us and had fun with my kids.

The kids The diary owner ;)


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